Flower Overload in Carlsbad, CA

As much as I love living in Los Angeles, sometimes I need to escape for a minute. Ok, I need to escape fairly often. Thankfully, Southern California is flush with day trip destinations and weekend spots. This past weekend, Ben and I decided to venture out to Carlsbad to check out The Flower Fields. Every year from March to May (exact dates vary based on conditions and flower growth), the Ranch at Carlsbad opens up their sprawling fields of ranunculus for the public.

As you can see, it gets a little crowded. Fear not, though, it’s totally manageable. There’s close to 50 acres of flowers here, so with the exception of crowded photo spots, there’s plenty of space (and flowers) for everyone.

I was a little worried that this majestic field of flowers wouldn’t be worth the 4 hours of driving (2 hours each way) we’d have to do to get to them, but those fears were unfounded. The ranch itself has a bit more going on than just their prized ranunculus. They’ve got food stalls featuring things like shortbread cookies, ice cream, kettle corn and a full booth of locally sourced strawberry treats. We got the strawberry dole whip, strawberry shortcake and a strawberry shake, all of which were delicious. There’s also several greenhouses featuring things like poinsettias and orchids, a wagon ride around the premises, a sweet pea maze and more. Of course, this doesn’t take up a whole lot of time, but Carlsbad also has a great outlet mall, some cute restaurants and the beach, so there’s plenty to do. It’s also not far from San Diego, so if you’re looking to make a weekend trip of it, this is a great option.

This quick getaway ended up being a lot of fun and some much needed stress relief. Because honestly, it’s hard to be stressed when you’re literally surrounded by colorful blooms. In the pictures below you’ll see our highlights (minus the outlet mall because posting pictures of a mall alongside all these beautiful lil flowers would be a deeply disturbing thing to do). There’s flowers (duh), pics of me doing a pretty terrible job at modeling, a nice beach and even some animal friends!

Unfortunately, the fields are nearing their end for the season. The last day to visit is May 13, 2018. But I’d suggest getting out there if you have the time, and if you don’t, there’s always next year!

NOTE: I’m sorry for including bone crow in the pictures, but I still can’t believe he’s real so I had to share. To make up for this trauma, here’s a TERRIBLE picture of me squinting in the sun.