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Holiday Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Every year, I intend on writing a holiday gift guide and then wait too long and miss my moment. But not this year! This year, I’m sliding in right under the wire. Black Friday is in just a few days, and while this is more about the gifts than the deals, I want you to be able to get the best deals you can! Because I care about you. And I also live for a good deal. While I am a woman of many interests, I’ll keep this post specific to food lovers. When I say food lovers, I mean people who love to cook and people who love to eat. Those often go hand in hand, but not always. Either way, you’ll find gift ideas for both parties here.

Full disclosure, this post will contain affiliate links. (Not every link I share here, but some.) That means that if you click through and buy a product, I’ll get a small commission. But don’t worry, I genuinely like the things that I’m recommending! Thanks so much for your support!

For the aesthetic obsessed home cook

The reBoard from Material

I recently bought three of these boards and am absolutely in love with them. Their design is minimal but chic. They come in so many beautiful colors and are made from kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. They’re not too big and not too small, and are easy to clean and store. They also only cost $35, which is pretty great in the world of aesthetic kitchen gear! Material has lots of other kitchen goods, but this item in particular feels like something that most home cooks would be happy to receive.

Tableware from Our Place

Ok, so this isn’t sponsored, but Our Place was generous enough to send me a set of their new tableware and I’m obsessed. Immediately after receiving it, I relegated my old dinnerware to the garage (which just so happens to be my studio, so don’t worry, it will still be used). But I digress. This is a beautifully and thoughtfully designed collection. Everything is stackable. On top of that, though, some pieces (like the full plates) can be stacked atop bowls to serve as makeshift storage containers. The collection can be bought in an a la carte-ish fashion or in bundles, making it somewhat budget friendly.

Caraway’s Cookware and Bakeware

While I haven’t tried their cookware, I’ve got Caraway’s bakeware set and think it’s pretty great. Similar to the other items I’ve mentioned, I think that these products are impeccably designed. They come in a wide assortment of colors and feel extremely durable. The one thing I don’t like about the bakeware set is that it’s not dishwasher safe. That said, the nonstick coating is so good that washing this set has been a breeze. Another thing I really appreciate about Caraway is that they include under cabinet organizers (like the ones you see above) with their sets. My kitchen is woefully tiny, so these organizers made a huge impact in my life. So uh… if you’re buying for an apartment dwelling millennial, for example, I think these would make a great gift.

Hedley and Bennett Aprons

I never used to be an apron person. But then I found Hedley and Bennett. They have such an incredible assortment of colors and patterns. They’re also made with professional chefs in mind, so they’re extremely durable. I use these for cooking, pottery, and when I want some extra pockets during photo shoots. Never once stained one. This is one of those things that most home cooks probably wouldn’t think to buy for themselves, but would be thrilled to receive. Which is the best kind of gift, in my opinion.

For the gadget collector

Ember Mug

Call it frivolous, but I adore my Ember mug. My husband got it for me when our daughter was a few months old, and it was the greatest gift ever. (I actually bought him one first and then got jealous of his deluxe lifestyle so he returned the favor.) If you’re not already aware, this is a mug that keeps drinks at a specific temperature that you set from your phone. You can keep it on the charger for unlimited warmth, or roam free. The battery will last for about an hour and a half. It’s obviously great for coffee or tea, but it’s also a game changer for hot cocktails. Try sipping a hot toddy out of this thing while watching a movie. An absolute delight. This is a gift that I think anyone would enjoy. That said, if you know any new parents and this (admittedly pricey mug) is within budget, look no further.

Kitchenaid Professional 5qt Stand Mixer

My Kitchenaid stand mixer is one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets. And certainly one of my most used. I’ve had it for about a decade, and it still runs perfectly. They come in about a billion colors, and are an absolute vibe. In addition to being an incredible baking tool, they’re compatible with tons of other attachments. I have a shaved ice maker, and ice cream maker, and a pasta maker attachment for mine. Those are great gift ideas too, come to think of it!

Anyway, I saw this particular stand mixer at Target the other day for about $200 off. There are almost always great Kitchenaid mixer deals for black Friday and cyber Monday, so shop around. This is the best one I’ve seen, but that doesn’t mean better deals don’t exist.

Ninja Air Fryer Countertop Oven

Air fryers are all the rage right now. I’ve used a few different types, but this toaster oven style by Ninja is by far my favorite. It’s easy to use and extremely versatile. Another great gift idea for someone with a small kitchen.

For food lovers

Maldon Salt

I’m not a huge salt person. I often find food at restaurants to be over salted, and I try not to overdo it when cooking. That said, I live for a good flaky sea salt. Maldon is my favorite. A tiny sprinkle of it is just the cherry on top of any dish, sweet or savory. This would make for a really great budget option or stocking stuffer.

Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

I bought this pink oyster mushroom grow kit about a year ago and still haven’t gotten over the excitement of it. If you’ve got a mushroom lover in your life, this is a great way to wow them. There are other grow kit companies and other mushroom varieties, but I got great results from this one. It’s also budget friendly, which is always a good thing.

Momofuku Chili Crunch

I love a good chili crisp. Recently, I tried an assortment from Momofuku, and was impressed. They’ve got some great flavors (big fan of the black truffle), and even do holiday variety packs.

Some general gift ideas

I hope this was helpful to you! This feels like a good place to stop. That said, I’ll leave you with a link to my Amazon storefront. It’s more general than this list, but I’ll be adding to it as I find more holiday worthy gift ideas.

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