potato latkes

A plate of persimmon potato latkes with black pepper sour cream and pomegranate arils

Persimmon Potato Latkes with Black Pepper Sour Cream

Another year, another arguably sacrilegious take on potato latkes! Ben Mekler here, husband of Kirby and obsessive potato pancake tinkerer. In what’s become an annual tradition, every year I like to take my Grandma’s beloved latke recipe and throw in a curveball in a sometimes-futile attempt at elevating the humble snack into something more. Or […]

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Kimchi Latkes

Kimchi Latkes

This recipe for kimchi latkes is the first of hopefully many guest posts by my husband, Ben Mekler. You’ve seen him in all my travel posts, and he lends a helping hand with almost everything I write, but this is the first one that’s straight up his. I’ll let him take it from here, but first,

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