Simple header shot of a jar of lilac syrup.

Easy Lilac Syrup

You know spring is in full swing when you see lilacs start popping up at the farmer’s market. The scent of these tiny purple buds is glorious. If you’ve ever gotten a whiff of it, you probably understand why I decided to preserve it in syrup form. It’s fresh, floral, and light. So if you […]

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A header shot of a bowl of vegan green gazpacho.

Easy Vegan Green Gazpacho (Tomato, Cucumber and Kiwi)

We’ve reached the point in summer where sky high temperatures feel… I don’t want to say reasonable. Expected, maybe? Like, I didn’t bat an eyelash when I saw that today’s weather was forecasted to be 94 degrees (fahrenheit). I’ve accepted it. And a chilled soup like gazpacho feels like the perfect way to highlight that

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