Header shot of a maraschino cappuccino along with an opened jar of Luxardo cherries.

Maraschino Cherry Cappuccino

Normally, I’m a black coffee kinda gal. My husband Ben is a coffee snob and meticulously brews each pot of coffee we drink, so there’s really no reason to add sugar or anything else. Once in a while, however, I enjoy something sweet and foamy. When that craving comes along, this magical maraschino cherry cappuccino …

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A header shot of a plate of raspberry and apricot hamantaschen.

Lemon and Lavender Hamantaschen with Raspberry and Apricot Jam

I’m not a very religious person. That said, I do love a festive holiday treat. Hamantaschen are one of those treats. They’re an Ashkenazi Jewish cookie made for the holiday Purim, which happens to be this week! Purim is a holiday that celebrates the saving of the Jewish people from an evil dude name Haman. …

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A single olive oil and blood orange bundtlette on a plate.

Olive Oil and Blood Orange Bundtlettes

When brainstorming Valentine’s Day recipes this year, I knew I wanted to give you something sweet and something pink. I landed on these olive oil and blood orange bundtlettes for a few reasons! For starters, it’s citrus season. That means that the grocery shelves are loaded with succulent citrus fruits, including one of my favorites, …

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Header shot of a mountain of malted chocolate chip cookies.

Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are my lifelong favorite dessert. Is that basic? Maybe. Do I care? No. A good chocolate chip cookie is just better than most things. Despite my love for this classic treat, I didn’t have a recipe for them on the blog. It just felt redundant to put another chocolate chip cookie recipe …

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