Header shot of a backlit lavender sage gin sour.

My Favorite Spring and Summer Cocktails

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. Here in Los Angeles, we’ve already had a few heat waves that made me forget it wasn’t August. When temps are unbearably high, it’s important to have a long list of cocktail recipes at your disposal. And I mean long. Lucky for you, I’ve decided to share mine! This post contains a list of some of my favorite cocktail recipes for spring and summer. Some are my own, and some are from other bloggers. When it comes to cocktails, I’m typically drawn to fruity and/or floral flavors. This list stays true to that for the most part, though there are definitely a few wild cards.

1. Lychee Empress Sparkler

This Lychee Empress Sparkler is a recipe by yours truly. It’s super easy to throw together, and it honestly doesn’t get much more refreshing. Per my warning, it’s extremely fruit forward. It’s got lychee and lime juices, both of which just hit the spot on a hot summer day. Those flavors pair perfectly with the other ingredients, which are gin (specifically Empress if you want that gorgeous purple hue) and champagne.

Head on shot of lychee gin cocktail
Lychee Empress Sparkler by Leisure Fan Club

2. Mango Coconut Mint Daiquiri

As soon as I saw this mango coconut mint daiquiri by Mark and Angela, over at Cooking with Wine, I knew that I needed it. I adore a frozen drink. Especially when it’s hot out (duh). Proclivity for frozen treats aside, can we talk about how this drink is an absolute flavor sensation?! Mango, coconut and mint? All in a frosty daiquiri? Sign me up.

Mango Coconut Mint Daiquiri by Cooking With Wine

3. Guava Grapefruit Spritz

It’s no secret that I’m a guava fan (I’ve got a vegan cardamom guava banana bread and a fermented guava hot sauce after all). I get all excited when I see it used in cocktails. It’s just got such a beautiful flavor. Sweet, fruity, and lightly floral. Pairing it with grapefruit like Lea over at What’s Lea Making did for this guava grapefruit spritz makes all the sense in the world. The flavors in this cocktail are on point, and it’s super refreshing to boot.

Guava Grapefruit Spritz by What’s Lea Making

4. Cherry Manhattan

I’m not normally a whiskey lover, but this cherry Manhattan won me over. It’s more or less a classical Manhattan, but with the addition of cherry syrup. It just made sense in my head (oh yeah, it’s one of my own recipes). Manhattans are usually garnished with a cocktail cherry. Why not hone in on that? I’m glad I did, because this summer cocktail is divine.

A vertical shot of a couple of cherry manhattans along with some flowers, maraschino cherries, and fresh cherries.
Cherry Manhattan by Leisure Fan Club

5. Blood Orange Paloma

I love a good paloma. Chloe over at The Drink is in the Detail added blood orange to this one, and it hits the spot, yielding a vibrant color and flavor. Tequila and citrus are always a match made in heaven, and this blood orange paloma is no exception.

Blood Orange Paloma by The Drink is in the Detail

6. Boozy Coffee Milkshake

Ok, I’m taking a quick break from my all fruit all the time lifestyle for this one. Although now that I think about it, coffee is kind of a fruit, is it not? But I digress. Kate over at Kate the Baker is an absolute wizard for coming up with this boozy coffee milkshake. It just checks every possible box. You see the title, and you’re immediately sold. So I needn’t say more. Make the boozy coffee milkshake. Live your best life.

Boozy Coffee Milkshake by Kate The Baker

7. Rhubarb Floradora

Have you ever heard a more fun name for a cocktail? I haven’t. Rhubarb Floradora – my god. Dora over at M Grace Bakeshop subbed rhubrab for raspberries in this absurdly whimsical gin cocktail, and I am extremely here for it.

Rhubarb Floradora by M Grace Bakeshop

8. Orange Bliss Tea

This Orange Bliss Tea, created by Lauren of Must Love Herbs is summer in a glass. It combines sweet tea, orange cream liqueur, and orange juice for a sublimely comforting and refreshing summer cocktail.

Orange Bliss Tea by Must Love Herbs

9. Cadillac Guava Margarita

Oh look, it’s another guava drink because I have absolutely no self control. But how could I not include this gorgeous cadillac guava margarita by Monique of Peaches to Peaches?! It’s a delicious spin on a margarita and the world needs to know about it.

Cadillac Guava Margarita by Peaches To Peaches

10. Lavender Sage Gin Sour

Ok, I’m closing out this list with another one of my own cocktail recipes. It’s a lavender sage gin sour and it’s one of my favorite things. If you’re into floral flavors, just trust me on this one.

A backlit lavender sage gin sour with some lemons (both fresh and dried) and sage in the background.
Lavender Sage Gin Sour by Leisure Fan Club

And that’s it for my Spring and Summer cocktail roundup!

If you make any of these, I hope you love them as much as I do. And make sure you keep an eye on these bloggers, because they’re all seriously awesome!

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