Two red and purple love potion cocktails along with a couple of spoons and some garnishes.

Love Potion (Gin, Strawberry and Hibiscus Cocktail)

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or simply drinking alone on your couch, you deserve a good cocktail. When crafting this cocktail, which I’ve cheezily dubbed Love Potion, my goal was to come up with something that was both visually striking and delicious. And I think I did a pretty great job at it! […]

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Elderflower Bee's Knees

Elderflower Bee’s Knees

Hi friends! How are you doing today? With everything that’s been doing on, I thought you might be in need of a cocktail. Y’know, since we’re all hunkered down, waiting for either the world or the COVID-19 pandemic to end. Obviously I can’t partake. Luckily, I’d crafted this beauty months ago for an Instagram collab,

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